I make it sincere, and it raises trust and doesn't flow gorgeously, a fraternity order, I make an effort toward development of a company as the effect and plan for prosperity between the staff.


The potential request which concentrates our technical power and has that in the back of customer's Nobuyori and customer, I get evaluation higher than understanding.

Finer service is developed according to the needs.

Yokoyama Seimo is thinking it's important to be always friendly to the user and is asking you everybody's request finely by the network set up around the whole country.
Moreover the system built with goods that it can be used from the day you bought is also enriched.
Prompt delivery system and the quick response to the special specification. Please, if it's a net, please tell a network made in Yokoyama about anything at all.


Everything is at the inside of the company from processing of a raw material to completion.

A fishing net is produced via the Yoriito volume network dyeing resin finish, a completion check and complicated progress.
The biggest feature of Yokoyama Seimo is arranging the consistent system that the other company which does all these processes at the inside of the company doesn't have that. Foundation of quality control passes in years, and ego company takes all responsibility to the quality by the "management system" that grown know-how and previous process account to the next process.

An original machine is also developed and high tech-ization of the first industry is achieved.

I always introduce the latest machine by Yokoyama Seimo, link up with a mechanical manufacturer and have also developed original machine and equipment.
A product the excellent high quality Yokoyama brand is made with this for the fish catch performance.
I have pride in our product performance and production efficiency.

Netting process

A fishing net along customer's request is made with the volume network machine and the technology grown for a long time here.

Watering process

Dying process

The net by which the volume network was done is dyed in the color of the designation by this process.

Resin process

A fishing net of the strength along the request and the hardness of the customer is finished by dyeing and soaking in resin.

Steam Set process

The quality improves and increases in stability by applying heat after a resin process.

Testing process

A finished product can always find the stable high quality. A customer checks the whole goods and offers only something you can meet.

I pay attention to a high technique and it's always the latest product.

A fishing net is also making progress so by technical innovation of the material and a social change that anything conventional won't be comparison. New collection of material information and choice of accurate field thread. Moreover there is obligation also to pay attention to the environment of the people who participate in fishing, the social situation and a change in marine ecosystem and offer us goods with which I agree the time. Client's everybody's advice and user  Please expect it of Yokoyama Seimo who always releases new goods while also linking up with a public examination room.

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